Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first time exporter/importer, can you assist me with the process?
Yes we can. Please provide us with the certified documents as mentioned under the page “Hints and Tips” and we will guide you through the process as well as apply for the importer/exporter’s registration with SARS for you.
How can I avoid paying too much Duty?
The WTO (World Trade Organisation) has published detailed customs tariff codes, to which South Africa is a signatory. Whereas we can not change the tariffs, it could be well worth your while to sit down with our experts to find the correct tariff as well as rebate tariffs (if applicable) for your imports.
What is the free loading/off-loading period for a container?
Generally 3 hours for a 20’ (6m) container and 4 hours for a 40’ (12m) container. Should you require longer, please let us know and we will be able to assist.
Do you have warehousing facilities that we can use?
Yes, please let us know your requirements receive a quote suiting your unique requirements.
Can you arrange for my order to be collected from my supplier to be shipped directly to me?
Can you arrange for an order to be collected at the supplier and shipped directly to my client in a third country, other than South Africa?
Yes. as members of the WPA network, we have over 250 partners globally to be at service to you. We can neutralize documentation for your customer to see your documentation only.
Can you provide transport insurance?
Yes. Please request a written quotation, giving details such as exact commodity, packaging and value, as well as trade terms, origin and destination.
What are estimated transit times for consolidated trucks to various road freight destinations within Southern Africa?
Johannesburg – Maputo (Frigo)
3 days
Johannesburg – Harare
5-7 days
Johannesburg – Lusaka
5-6 days
Johannesburg – Kitwe
6-7 days
Johannesburg – Blantyre/Lilongwe
7-9 days
Johannesburg – Gaborone
1 day
Johannesburg – Francistown
3 days
Johannesburg – Maseru
1 day
Johannesburg – Swaziland
1 day
Johannesburg – Maputo (Frigo)
4-5 days
How much time do you allow for border clearances?
48 hours from the time that the import customs clearing agent received the documentation. Please note that your cargo is despatched (Zimbabwe) once the importer or his agent has confirmed that all documentation is in place.
Can you offer a complete door to door service?
Yes. That includes import customs clearance and payment of foreign duties if requested. Foreign import VAT may not be paid from South Africa according to rules and regulations of the South African Reserve Bank.
Can you offer dedicated vehicles do various destinations within Southern Africa?
Yes. From 1 ton bakkies to 34 ton super-link trucks are available.
Can you arrange packing and crating?
Yes. At your or our premises.

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