The Management team's responsibility is not only to ascertain good governance of the company itself, but also to ensure the departments deliver good quality services to our customers. Every member of the management team is available to be contacted by customers at any time.

Meet the team:

Dirk Schottler

Managing Director

With Novotrans for 20 years.

Experience: 36 years.

36 years experience in International Forwarding since 1982 in South Africa, opened Novotrans in 1994. Has been Managing Director of a Swiss company in South Africa before. Educated in International Forwarding in Hamburg Germany.

Rene Keyser

Financial Director

With Novotrans for 20 years.

Experience: 28 years

28 years experience in the finance industry, since 1994 with Novotrans. Prior to that with another International Forwarder for an extended period of time.

Andri Krugel

Debtors Controller

With Novotrans for 8 years.

Experience: 11 years.

Andri started her career with Novotrans as the Receptionist / Switchboard operator. After this she then moved into the accounts division and has steadily grown within this department, now being responsible for Creditors, Debtors, Petty Cash, New Account applications and Administration.