Company Background

Novotrans, a level three BBBEE company, was founded by Dirk Schöttler in November 1994, having some 32 years experience in the industry.

The company is specializing in personalized service to the customer, for all kinds of transport related requirements by road, air and sea. Starting off as a “three man show”, Novotrans developed to a well-established medium sized company, well able to cater for any of its customers’ needs, but never losing sight of the first priority, a truly personalized service. In 2010 Novotrans joined the WPA (World Partner Alliance) global network, giving our customer access to some 250 partners globally in excess of 230 cities.

Not only does the WPA give access to the global network, but also controls the service levels of its members. Should a customer wish to complain he is more than welcome to do so. For the clients security, we are also members of SAAFF (South African Association of Freight Forwarders) and are acting according to their code of ethics.

With mega-groups taking over more and more traditional forwarders, making them but mere small part of their huge organization, Novotrans is offering the small to medium sized Im-and Exporter a truly independent and individualized quality service. With independent partners in some 230 cities in 90 countries giving the Novotrans customer access to all worldwide markets.

Novotrans adopts a philosophy of an on-going and continuous support, in the customers endeavor to develop new business opportunities in the global market, by being a true partner and giving access to the dynamic global network at its disposal.